Day 30 – 20/Dec/2021 – Lost in the Kingdom of Tomorrow

Weight: lost – 1.5 kg, gained – 2 kg

Food: It’s been more than a week since I crossed the border between Decisionland and the Kingdom of Tomorrow. This time of year is absolutely wonderful in the Kingdom – all the Eat Me cookies, treats, and candy… all the Drink Me spiked apple cider, mulled wine and hot chocolate…
I just couldn’t leave without trying them all. Contrary to Alice, I still haven’t found the ones that can make you smaller, only the ones that make you grow bigger. Still have a couple to try, so fingers crossed!

Motivation: Highly motivated to find the border crossing between the Kingdom of Tomorrow and the Empire of Action. Tomorrow, maybe


  1. angelicaaaahhh says:

    Kingdom of tomorrow will always be a tomorrow. Decisionland was a coin flip for me, lol…. though I am envious on this journey you’re on, but grateful you’re sharing the experience

    Liked by 1 person

    1. logorrheic5 says:

      I am grateful to have a friend like you to be the wind beneath my wings 😘


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