Day 31 – 21/Dec/2020 – Food for Thought

I got all excited today because I ventured on this path in the Kingdom of Tomorrow and instead of usual grocery stores, markets, pastry shops and restaurants, I found
a library!!!!!!


I used to spend hours in bookstores and libraries and not even notice.
I was lost among the pages that tell stories yet to be known, truths yet to be discovered, and feelings yet to be stirred.

However, the lockdowns, the never-ending remote working days, seemingly endless mornings, the growing media fear mongering, and streaming services… oh yes … the streaming services: the Netflixes, the Primes, the Disneys, the Hulus, the HBOs, the YouTubes with their hours and hours and hours of screen entertainment turned me into a goldfish… My attention span rarely extends over a page or two.

I used to have a library strategy.
Every month I’d pick up:
– one classic that I should have already read
– one science non fiction book
– one light novel, a chick flick or a thriller

I would proudly bring them back after a month, very often having read only the chick flick, but I maintained an admirable reading list.
Imagine if I all of a sudden I became a subject of an important investigation and they make a movie out of it and then they show me as someone shallowly swallowing pink romance novels, no way! I have that part of my life story covered!

I hope I’ll make it through all three this time! I’m starting tomorrow!

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  1. angelicaaaahhh says:

    Love your graphics XOXO


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