Day 45 – 04/Jan/2021 – The Ocean Within

Weight: My old self minus all the holiday-stress weight lifted off my shoulders
Measurement: Not done, and truth be told, not planning to do one until buttoning up the jeans stops being such an endeavor
General condition: Deflatedballoonlike
Food: Took myself down memory lane with some home-made traditional recipes for Christmas holidays, taking my American family to a flavorsome trip to Croatia.
Note to my future Christmas cooking self:
– consider doubling (maybe even tripling) the amount of sugar in cookies to appeal to American palate
– do not serve potato gnocchi to people with dentures
– keep in mind that one person is bringing one stomach to the table, not four

– if everything fails, it seems to be perfectly acceptable to order Chinese for a Christmas dinner (all I can imagine now is my grandma looking at me in utter dismay and genuine concern for the redemption of their souls)

Motivation: I have been thinking… I made some good decisions of late. Actually, I made some great decisions. The only thing left now is just putting them into action.

Tra dire e fare c’è di mezzo il mare!*

The Italians feel how difficult it gets sometimes!

* Easier said than done in literal translation form Italian reads There is a sea between saying something and doing it.

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