Day 78 – 06/Feb/21 – Why does Angela Merkel have to wash dishes?

“Angela Merkel got a standing ovation of more than six minutes at the end of her farewell speech” a headline I unfortunately clicked on yesterday in hope to read an inspiring story about one of the strongest female leaders of all time. Oh, boy, how wrong I was.
After a short introduction saying how Angela Merkel is retiring, the author decided to continue in somewhat “lighter” tone. He reported how she was asked by the members of the press why she doesn’t pay more attention to her outfits. She was also inquired who does the housework in her home and who does the washing and ironing!
How dare you?? How dare you pose such questions to a chancellor, a leader of eighty million people, a woman in charge of a prosperous and stable nation? At the end of her stellar political career, you write a piece about her looks and chores!!!!!!!
When has anyone asked a male public figure, even of local level, how he manages to wear a clean shirt to work every morning, or how much time a week he spends cooking or vacuuming.
I am so fed up with this idea of a woman who is less of a woman if she does not attend to her household. Why would a woman of her rank, or any person by that matter, have to attend to such trivial matters as washing her dishes?
Since it seems inconceivable to visualize a woman anywhere else but in the kitchen, I suggest we instal a kitchen sink in a speaker’s podium!