Day 108 – 08/Mar/21 – My Own Personal Demons

Weight: 5kg down!!!!
Measurements: There is some extra space around my waist when I put on my jeans, but they still slide down when I walk. I am a solid breath away from buttoning my belt.

Motivation: I have come to the conclusion that I am fabulous in making healthy choices for my self if I am not tormented by one (or more) of my four little personal demons. Please, give a round of applause for:

BOREDOM (also known as IDLENESS)

Usually attacks in the evening. A fan of screens, especially TV. She is the nibbler and snacker, always on the lookout for a new crunchy treat – popcorn, chips, pretzels… She isn’t a fan of silence and runs away at the faintest rustle of an empty crisps bag.


Sadness likes to live under the couch. She doesn’t move much, if at all, but she is incredibly strong and she will hold you chained to that couch if you overstay your welcome.
She likes creamy food. Grilled cheese sandwiches with stretchy mozzarella, pasta with blue cheese sauce, cheesecake, chocolate cake, chocolate, ice-cream, Nutella… She despises physical activity and sunshine.


Lurks everywhere. He will ambush you at the most unexpected places at the least convenient times. He craves coffee, chewing gums, hard candy and sugary fizzy drinks, anything that will make your hands shake and heart race. He loathes deep breaths and water.


The king of all. Comes only when the other three have prepared the terrain. He is attracted by the empty bags of chips and candy wraps. He devours greasy burgers, french fries soaked in mayo, club sandwiches, bread and butter… nothing seems too much for Lord Despair.
He strives to turn you into a blob, a passive ruminant who has no wish to pose resistance and who blends with surroundings becoming invisible.
Easily repelled by smell of fruit and vegetables. Keeps clear of groups of people and upbeat music.