Day 130 – 30/Mar/2021 – The Father

Every once in a while, a truly exceptional story gets told. A story that transcends the boundaries of physical world and connects us on a primary level – as human beings, as children of our parents.
One such story is The Father.

The Father is a painfully beautiful tale about aging and the complex simplicity of day-to-day life.

In a minimalistic and sombre interior, Florian Zeller masterfully choreographs interactions of a handful of characters.
An aging parent dealing with advancing dementia finds himself trapped in his own mind, once sharp and bright and now fleeting and elusive. His days are saturated with the pain of uncertainty, the terror of doubt and the weight of loneliness.
A daughter, genuinely worried and torn between the wish to take care for her father and the need to lead her own independent life. She stoically deals with the frustration of accepting the mental decay of someone who used to be her protector and adviser, her safe haven, knowing there is nothing, nothing, nothing she can do.
A partner, barely emotionally involved and surgically realistic.

With remarkable appearances of Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman as the father and the daughter, theatrically intimate The Father will reach deep within your soul and profoundly touch it in the way just the best stories can, reminding us that we are all merely children and that we all want to belong.

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