[bleatva na lesho] Blitva na lešo

Comfort food level: Worn-out T-shirt with holes that you will never get rid of.

You need:
28 minutes (4 x 7min)
1 potato (medium or large)
1 lbs (1/2 kg) of Swiss chard
olive oil

How to make it:
1) Turn on some good music
2) Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes.
3) Put them in a big pot and pour in water to fill two thirds of the pot.
4) Add just a pinch of salt and bring to boil.
5) In the meantime, clean the chard – wash it, separate the stems from the leaves. If the stems are thick, cut them (the best length is around 7cm (or 3 in.). Shred the leaves in smaller pieces.
6) When the water boils, (tell Alexa to) set your timer for 7 minutes. That is how long you should cook the potatoes alone.
7) After the first 7 minutes, add the stems and (remind Alexa to) set a new 7-minute timer.
8) When you hear the alarm, add the leaves.
9) (Tell Alexa to) set the timer to 7 minutes again.
10) Once you have added the leaves, make sure you leave the pot uncovered – this will help your leaves keep that lovely green hue.
11) Before you turn off the heat, add two or three pinches of salt and stir.
12) When your alarm rings, drain the excess water from the pot.
13) Put the chard and potatoes in a glass bowl and pour olive oil over it generously.
14) U slast!

Swiss Chard with potatoes and olive oil.
Best served with fried fish, hard-boiled eggs or semi-hard and hard cheeses.

Some flavors can teleport you directly to a particular place, this is one of those.
Take a bite, close your eyes and pretend that you are somewhere in Dalmatia, soaking bread in that delicious combination of olive oil and some chard sauce, preparing for a lazy afternoon under a pine tree…
I do miss home…