Day 222 – Fortune Favors the Bold, the Brave and the Strong

Weight: Pretty much the same since my last update. However, in light of recent events, I do have to tell you that this is a huge success!
Why?, you must be wondering. Well, I haven’t actually posed severe restrictions on myself, if any at all. I have enjoyed pizza (every Wednesday – and THREE DAYS IN A ROW last week), chips, pretzels and an occasional burger! And beer (I did switch to light beer, but, still, it’s beer) aaaand I DID NOT GAIN WEIGHT!

Exercise: You must be exercising a lot then, some of you might say. Errrrrr, not really. I do tend to go for a walk, do some yoga, but nothing excruciating, certainly nothing in realm of HIIT – the only thing that could burn corn chips and queso.

Motivation: Assuming that I’ve gathered enough empirical data having tested multiple diets on my own body, and that I’ve gained valuable insight into traps and obstacles I tend to create for myself, I have discovered that I need some sort of external accountability method. That’s why I’ve decided that I will best motivate myself by really sharing my experience with you. But for real this time.
I am an almost forty-year-old woman, who doesn’t like exercising, and who loves fatty food. I am determined to find a way to sustainably indulge all the tasty delights while still having the body that will allow me to dance, hike and bend without locking itself in an uncomfortable position.

Action plan:
Sundays – lunch menu for the week.
Thursdays – update post.
Twice a month – a recipe.

Racing against myself

P.S. Food for thought:
One bag of tortilla chips (250g) has 1000 kCal and one frozen pizza (750g) has 2400 kCal.

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