Day 108 – 08/Mar/21 – My Own Personal Demons

Usually attacks in the evening. She likes all kinds of screens, especially TV. She is the nibbler and snacker, always on the lookout for a new crunchy treat – popcorn, chips, pretzels… She isn’t a fan of silence and runs away once she hear rustle of empty bags.

Day 73 – 01/Feb/21 – Broken Record

– You shouldn’t have said that! because he is a man, because they are older, because you are properly raised, because he is your boss, because you’re going to lose your job, because he will leave you!

– You are a lady, ladies do not question the rules, they obey them, with grace!

It’s high time to stop playing that old broken record!

Day 45 – 04/Jan/2021 – The Ocean Within

– if everything fails, it seems to be perfectly acceptable to order Chinese for a Christmas dinner (all I can imagine now is my grandma looking at me in utter dismay and genuine concern for the redemption of their souls)

[Mahneeshtra e Fajole] Maništra i fažol

Comfort Food – Level: The oldest, softest pajama pants you own The weather outside is frightful,but the kitchen smells so delightfuland since we’ve no place to golet it boil, let it boil, let it boil… You need:1 hour1 onion (size of a tennis ball)2 table spoons of olive oil2 tea spoons of tomato paste2 cansContinue reading “[Mahneeshtra e Fajole] Maništra i fažol”