Day 9 – 29/Nov/2020 – The Turkey, the Pig, and Detective Olivia Benson

“Do you know why we eat turkey for Christmas and pork for the New Year’s Eve?”, my Grandma asked me over lunch one day.Being a teenager, I didn’t care much about symbolism of the food on the table (if at all), so I just shook my head and shrugged my shoulders.“Well” she continued, “the turkey,Continue reading “Day 9 – 29/Nov/2020 – The Turkey, the Pig, and Detective Olivia Benson”

Day 8 – 28/Nov/2020 – The Leftovers

Weight: That’s not something you ask a lady after Thanksgiving!?!Measurements: The pajamas and sweatpants still fit… (can we call that a minor success?) Food: The leftovers’ leftovers. The selection of food in the fridge two days after a festive meal is inversely proportionate to its popularity. I tried to give my brussels sprouts a dashContinue reading “Day 8 – 28/Nov/2020 – The Leftovers”

Day 1 – NEW – 21/Nov/2020

Weight: Too embarrassed to shareMeasurement done: Old belt – last available holeGeneral condition: pudding-like Exercise: Got up from the couch several times. Three times to grab some biscuits from the kitchen.Food: Hmmm… I’ll post pics, you decide.Motivation: Knocked on the door, still deciding whether I should open or not… 

Day 11 22/08/2019

Weight: 82.8 (stretched)General condition: caught some kind of coldMeasurements: still none done Exercise: 0 steps, 0 sit-ups, 0 plank seconds Food: Where do I start…. Motivation: still can’t be found I feel it is time to write about the reasons why I keep putting on weight, the reason why I managed to lose one entireContinue reading “Day 11 22/08/2019”

Day 1 – 11/08/2019

Weight 82.2 kg Haven’t done any measurements – quite afraid.General condition: fat and weak Exercise: “DID” 30 minutes of yoga this morning – felt terribly – couldn’t do half the things I could 2 weeks ago… or was it 3… Food: so far so good, but it’s only 10 a.m. Had oatmeal with banana, strawberryContinue reading “Day 1 – 11/08/2019”