Day 191 – 30/May/2021 – Groundhog Year

Now, don’t get me wrong, that body in the mirror did not appear overnight.
It took around fifteen months of perpetual giving up to get here where I am today.

Day 1 – NEW – 21/Nov/2020

Weight: Too embarrassed to shareMeasurement done: Old belt – last available holeGeneral condition: pudding-like Exercise: Got up from the couch several times. Three times to grab some biscuits from the kitchen.Food: Hmmm… I’ll post pics, you decide.Motivation: Knocked on the door, still deciding whether I should open or not… 

Day 11 22/08/2019

Weight: 82.8 (stretched)General condition: caught some kind of coldMeasurements: still none done Exercise: 0 steps, 0 sit-ups, 0 plank seconds Food: Where do I start…. Motivation: still can’t be found I feel it is time to write about the reasons why I keep putting on weight, the reason why I managed to lose one entireContinue reading “Day 11 22/08/2019”