Homemade Ramen or Beef Broth 2.0

Brought to you by popular demand – My version of ramen soup, or an upgraded beef broth.

Comfort food level: A warm hug after a challenging day.

Enjoy your meal!

[bleatva na lesho] Blitva na lešo

Some flavors can teleport you directly to a particular place, this is one of those.
Take a bite, close your eyes and pretend that you are somewhere in Dalmatia, soaking bread in that delicious combination of olive oil and some chard sauce, preparing for a lazy afternoon under a pine tree…

[Mahneeshtra e Fajole] Maništra i fažol

Comfort Food – Level: The oldest, softest pajama pants you own The weather outside is frightful,but the kitchen smells so delightfuland since we’ve no place to golet it boil, let it boil, let it boil… You need:1 hour1 onion (size of a tennis ball)2 table spoons of olive oil2 tea spoons of tomato paste2 cansContinue reading “[Mahneeshtra e Fajole] Maništra i fažol”