Day 61 – 20/Jan/21 – Fat Warrior II

Difficulty of getting into the simplest of yoga poses

Conversation between Adriene and my chubby-couch-worshiping body:

Adriene: “Come to the top of the mat, stand nice and tall, big toes touching!”
Body: “Buahahahah, thigh is the limit!”

Adriene: “Forward fold, take a deep breath!”
Body: “Shallow, shallow, shaalalalalaow…”

Adriene: “Right elbow to left knee, breathe in your belly”
Body: “Copy that, tie the belly in a knot, legs in shaking mode, redirect the blood supply from the core to the head, and tongue, stick that tongue out! That’s it!”

Adriene: “Lengthen through the spine and relax your shoulders
Body: “Hahahah, good one Adriene! “

Note: I am loving this journey Adriene has generously shared with us and I invite everyone to join in!


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